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DLL Wizard : Remove the problematic software

Remove the software...

As a potential solution to .dll errors, you may want to consider uninstalling the problematic software. This may help resolve any issues that are being caused by the software and allow you to use your system more smoothly.
The wizard will suggest reinstalling this software during a later step.
if you don't want to remove the software, click here to skip this step.

Remember to save and backup any files or settings you want to keep before uninstalling software. You may choose to keep your software profile and settings if the uninstaller provides this option. If you still want to use this sofware, you will need a copy to install later.
Click 'Search' and enter "Add Remove Programs". You can also access Add/Remove Programs and Features from the windows 'control panel'.
Look for the software causing problems and select 'Uninstall'. If you do not see the software listed here proceed to the next step.
Visit the Windows Control Panel and open 'Programs and Features'.
Look for the software causing problems and select 'Uninstall'.